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news for 7.25.07

*funny or offensive? i’m not gunna lie, i think it’s great. but i do have a sick sense of humor…

*a sex gel to inactivate HIV and herpes? well if thats not another reason to lube up, i dunno what is? (thankx cath! 😉

*teen sex rate stays the same (breaking pervious declining pattern). why surely all that right-wing endorsed abstinence-only education wouldn’t be at the helm? haha 🙂 (sorry cath haha)

*diet soda linked to heart risks. now we just need to know if the addition of rum counteracts that… (sorry em haha)

* no more fighting over the remote! introducing a his and hers remote where each can preprogram 100 channels! I want one for my roomie and i! only i guess ours should say hers 1 and hers 2.

*in more lube news, you can now smell like a bakery, down there. Intimate Options Personal Lubricant Mousse, now available in drugstores nationwide, is a mousse that comes in vanilla and vanilla cinnamon (as well as unscented) perfect for the over eater 😉 eww that was crude…i love it! haha

* obesity, like chlamydia, is now believed to spread like a disease. yup. basically if your friend’s fat, chances are you will be too. lovely.

* more reassurance in the intellect of the american people – 4 out of 5 plastic surgery recipients say they were influenced by reality tv.

* i used to be fairly environmentally conscious. then i read THIS. “farmers in Mexico are now ditching the blue agave plant used to make the liquor to cash in on corn and the demand for alternative fuel — and some say that could lead to the great tequila shortage.”

*but for the news that really most affects me – starbucks is raising prices! boo! b/c choosing between a two-cheeseburger meal at mcdonald’s and a coffee wasn’t a hard enough decision already! blah!

*perhaps possible Republican Presidential candidate Fred Thompson inspired the infamous Clinton-cigar experiment


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your week in sex…

sex horoscope for July 23 – 29

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The Virginity Mystique

GREAT ARTICLE: The Virginity Mystique in The Nation
my fav highlights:

“Most retro about the call for modesty is that it once again implies that women’s actions are somehow responsible for men’s. Since men simply cannot control themselves, poor things, women should shroud their bodies in cloth and desperately guard their virginity so as to quash men’s dishonorable intentions.”

“You have to be living under a rock not to notice that casual sex, once an expression of a subversive impulse, is now certifiably pop culture.”

“What the hookup culture does reveal is an unconscious impulse to somehow redefine sex for our current cultural climate.”

“Regardless of the (sometimes harmful) results of one-night stands or sex before high school, these women are looking to experiment, to find a contrast to immediate, eternal companionship”

“The culture has not yet carved out a space for women to indulge their own fantasies rather than to fulfill those of men.Feminism has not finished its job; a version of nonmushy, nonmarital sex that makes women feel good about themselves is still hard to achieve.”

“It takes maturity and self-awareness, but many women take sexual mistakes in stride while still feeling ultimately satisfied with their sex (and, yes, love) lives. Forced expectations, whether the pressure to be sexual or the pressure to be chaste, always hurts. ”

“Sex is the ultimate risk, a risk that makes human relationships complicated, intoxicating and wonderful. It is a risk that women are finally allowed to take without being chastised for it. “

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the hand-job protest song

i think this video confirms what i have always believed: why do something if that person can do it better for themselves??? plus, who wants to risk breaking a nail, right?

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news for 7.22.07

*what if stars like jennifer aniston (above), pam anderson and john travolta were normal people? ya, they’d look pretty bad fat and balding…

* u’d think by now people would get that the internet really is just for porn. so is it at all surprising that Nigerian schoolchildren who received laptops from U.S. aid organizations are using them to surf nudie sites?

* drinking and dating guide. seriously. filed with tidbits like: tequila is good for redheads, jagermeister for gals still living in places where it’s acceptable to wear greek letters, scotch for trannies and long island’s for those who have appeared on episodes of Blind Date

* nation’s first holistic, hospital-based sexual medicine center opens in san diego

*quiz – could you be president?

* i love hbo. the most sexually explicit scripted drama ever comes to the network this fall! think real sex meets fiction!

* i love new zealand. heroism rewarded with beer. brazilant!

*dumbasses – group wants guns allowed on santa fe and uf campuses. r u kidding me?!?!?

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sex first; relationship later?

It’s been said that there’s a pattern to everything. And when it comes to relationships our society has laid the foundations for it quite clearly – you meet, you woo, you copulate, you fall in love.

But can the pattern work in a different order? In these times of casual sex can you ever segue your bedmate into your real mate? If you start with sex, can you ever have anything more?

I bring this up because it tends to be my pattern. On several occasions I have slept with a man innocently enough only to then fall hard.

It doesn’t happen right away and I’m almost never looking for anything beyond an orgasm. But usually after a few romps in the sack, some post-coital communication and an underlying attraction, I find it hard-pressed not to start excessively pinning and basically getting caught up in the rapture. Is my lust really triggering love? And if so, is it ever feasible that a real relationship will come out of it?

According to Helen Fisher, anthropologist and author of Why We Love? the answer is yes and possibly. Fisher says that “the hormone of sexual desire can trigger the release of the brains’ elixirs for romantic passion.” Basically after-sex cuddling with my one-night-stand sends all sorts of messages to my brain that are fueling my ardor.

So while it’s biologically possible, is it ever realistic or, for that matter, advisable?

My friend Meg slept with her now boyfriend before they started dating. They had been friends for some time but one night had a little too much to drink and ended up screwing. Three years later, they live together and are now contemplating getting married.

I haven’t had nearly as much success. In fact because of my penchant for falling for my friends-with-benefits I now have to avoid the Circa computer lab by Marston and also have stopped going to a certain ‘Sunday-Funday’ pool party.

I can’t help but think that gender differences play an underlying part here. It’s easy for women to get caught up in the intimacy created from sex, but for men, if there’s no challenge, no wooing, no working for it, they tend to lose interest. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free, right?

Truth is, I wish I had an answer. While some of my friend’s have been successful in this department, I most certainly have not.

Perhaps the answer is simply that no one wants to tell their grandchildren that their happily ever after began with “once upon a time we had too much to drink and I took grandma home from the bar…”

Maybe the pattern is that relationships begin, end and subsist in all manners and forms. If you can make it work, great. In fact, if you can, do you think you could e-mail me how? I’d rather not avoid a certain bar altogether anymore.

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she’s back…

more of the alexyss tylor show. this lady is NUTS! and i love it!!!

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