gentlemen don’t actually prefer blondes…

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i have naturally blond hair. it’s dirty blond so i have, on occasion, dyed it lighter. for the last year, however, i have colored my hair varying shades of brown. i’m not going to lie, i prefer the darker hue. and i don’t think i’m alone; since becoming a brunette i have noticed more male attention. so you can imagine my glee when i saw this article: color me brunette?
apparently, i’m not the only one who enjoys the brunettes:
stats from a dating service confirm that men enjoy brunettes 3 to 1
a question asking – Which hair color makes the best date? showed brunettes were top dog followed by redheads THEN blondes revealed that men thought brunettes were staggeringly more intelligent and funnier then blonds
they also found that given the chance men would rather hit on a brunette than a blonde
i also have naturally curly hair which i often straighten. when i was a sophomore in college i actually used to keep track of which hairstyle got me more attention…i forget the results now, but rest assured i did have some very nice charts and graphs from my informal study.
my point – i’m always looking to change my hair, so, i’m thinking wavy redhead next? thoughts? haha


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news for 7.18.07 she’s back…

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