and so it begins…

I have always thought that the experience of the female college student is a unique one. (and I would know, I have been exploring it for some years now…)

As women now outweigh the number of male college students, their experiences are beginning to be noted more heavily in the mainstream media. Only none of them seem particularly flattering.

Ansley Chapman’s “Sex-Crazed Co-Eds!” post on clearly inspired me in this pursuit.

She essentially says, and i agree, that we are constantly being described as sluts and whores, selfish and narcissistic, wasteful and unappreciative, oversexed and immoral.

Yet the people who tend to be doling out these critiques never seem to be close enough to the source.

They are middle-aged feminists, out of touch social commentators (many of whom are males) and overly prude and religious in nature.

Even sites like, which are supposed to be the purveyors of college life, seem to be littered with photos of boobs and lame dirty jokes geared towards an immature male audience. I have a sense of humor, as you will hopefully soon discover, but laughing at Mike’s movie consisting of a stick-figure reenactment of his professor fucking a goat? Ya, not a moment I’d throw down a ‘rofl.’

Where are the honest, and still amusing, accounts from people my age about what it’s like to be young and independent and discovering who you are and what you like in life (even if it is regarding anal sex or Brazilian waxes)?

Yes, my primary focus is, and always will be, on the social side of life.

I like sex a lot and i tend to fixate on my relationships a lot. And I will probably blog mostly about that, a lot. Hey, i am a sex columnist after all!

That said, I have no idea where I will run with this? I suppose I hope you will find it entertaining and perhaps a bit enlightening as well.

I look forward to your input (and hopeful encouragement)!

Pass this on! Tell everyone you know! And enjoy!

To my nearest and dearest, this essentially means I won’t be clogging your e-mail inboxes anymore. You can now find out the ridiculously slim chances of contracting throat cancer through oral sex here! And maybe this also means I have found a hobby that will occupy me more than complaining and commenting on lame and usually bad-in-bed boys! Maybe…

Well, please visit me again soon and watch this social experiment evolve! 🙂


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