The Virginity Mystique

July 22, 2007 at 5:35 am Leave a comment

GREAT ARTICLE: The Virginity Mystique in The Nation
my fav highlights:

“Most retro about the call for modesty is that it once again implies that women’s actions are somehow responsible for men’s. Since men simply cannot control themselves, poor things, women should shroud their bodies in cloth and desperately guard their virginity so as to quash men’s dishonorable intentions.”

“You have to be living under a rock not to notice that casual sex, once an expression of a subversive impulse, is now certifiably pop culture.”

“What the hookup culture does reveal is an unconscious impulse to somehow redefine sex for our current cultural climate.”

“Regardless of the (sometimes harmful) results of one-night stands or sex before high school, these women are looking to experiment, to find a contrast to immediate, eternal companionship”

“The culture has not yet carved out a space for women to indulge their own fantasies rather than to fulfill those of men.Feminism has not finished its job; a version of nonmushy, nonmarital sex that makes women feel good about themselves is still hard to achieve.”

“It takes maturity and self-awareness, but many women take sexual mistakes in stride while still feeling ultimately satisfied with their sex (and, yes, love) lives. Forced expectations, whether the pressure to be sexual or the pressure to be chaste, always hurts. ”

“Sex is the ultimate risk, a risk that makes human relationships complicated, intoxicating and wonderful. It is a risk that women are finally allowed to take without being chastised for it. “


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