news for 6.26.07

June 26, 2007 at 1:37 pm Leave a comment

i’m getting ready to leave town today (i.e., i still haven’t packed yet…) so these will be short and sweet! due to lack of sleep, these will also probably be not so inspired and not so funny…sorry!

* why MySpace is for freaks and Facebook is for preps

* a British man is accused of having sex with his bike…his claim, however, is that he was drunk and there was a huge misunderstanding…ya…that excuse only works for certain situations…ur penis in a bike spoke, not so much…

* Las Vegas searches for a new slogan in conjunction with their popular, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…”one possibility they are considering “your Vegas is showing,” i’m not a fan.

*the South Florida Sun-Sentinel is trying to comprise a list of ‘the 7 wonders of Florida.’ i tend to agree with much of the contenders but am a little upset that ‘cheap beer in gainesville’ is not included…$2 pitchers, really, can anywhere in the state compete?

*ecstacy causes “significant” damage to both long and short-term memory, a new study reveals. ecstacy causes “significant” damage to both long and short-term memory, a new study reveals.

*NBA draft this thursday! who is gunna go first Horford, Brewer or Noah?

*something i would know nothing about, this site claims to be the ‘compendium of coitus rejectus’ –>


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is all this technology helping or hampering our relationships? sorry for the lack of posts!

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