news for 6.22.07

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* new study suggests older siblings have higher IQs, and as a big sis i would have to agree! 😉 i mean, come on bro, u know i got away with so much more shit than you as a kid! who was the one who got grounded for throwing a party at the neighbors while he was supposed to be house sitting even tho mom and dad could clearly drive by the place and see the plethora of cars outside?

* i’m a total foodie. and anyone who watched Top Chef Season 2 knows about Marcel and foams. well, turns out molecular gastronomy has entered the cocktail world. in London you can now order a Smoked Old-Fashioned, made with whisky, sugar syrup and tobacco AND leather and smoke essence. it’s described as “sucking your granddad’s old sofa – but in a good way.” weird and yet totally intriguing.

* in literal trailer trash news: caught in a love-triangle, a 24-year-old homeless man went on a 24-hour robbery spree too win his beloved over by buying her a new trailer for the two of them to live in and escape her ex-boyfriend who had just been released from prison for – surprise, surprise – a pair of armed robberies in 2004. what a lucky, lucky woman to be choosing between two such fine men. perhaps ABC should inquire about these dudes to be the new Bachelor?

* in April we learned that one year after college graduation, women working full time earn just 80 percent as much as their male counterparts. now comes news that it’s the majors women are choosing thats the culprit. you mean going to school to get your MRS is not a good life strategy?

* a woman is found with a blood-alcohol content of .50 two-hours after she stopped drinking (for perspective: .08 is legally intoxicated in FL and most experts say that at a .50 one would likely experience death…) insert your own, ‘that’s nothing, one time i drank…’ comment here ____________________________________.

* apparantly pop culture and politics are causing the t-shirt industry to boom. i mean who wouldn’t want a shirt with this on it:
(it’s available here…)

* only 4% of Americans between ages 20-59 are virgins. ironically, in an unrelated study only 4% of Americans between ages 20-59 have never been drunk…

* i love Tom Ford (as evidenced here). so, i’m not at all surprised and not at all unhappy that he will be the new face of his own fragrance line also called, not surprisingly, ‘Tom Ford.’ you gotta love this guy’s ego!

*anyone else annoyed by grown women, especially capable successful ones, who still talk like little girls? ya…me too! so is NYU professor Sheila Wellington who explains that their babyish sounding voice figuratively screams: “take care of me, be sweet to me, i’m vulnerable, i’m weak.” gag! new rule: speak your age

* why do men pee in the shower? apparently there are three types that do: pigs (‘i do it all the time’),liars (“I’ve done it, but, like, it’s not something I do”) and publicity whores (“only at the gym, baby”). who knew?


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