news for 6.21.07

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*According to a new study, approximately eight percent of dreams people report contain some form of sexually-related activity. similar to real life, absolutely no male respondents reported having their partner experience an orgasm during their dream (4% of women could report they did).

* Gainesville area police are cracking down on DUIs after the death of Lt. Corey Dahlem the night of the Gator’s Basketball National Championship. word to the wise – avoid University Ave. like the plague (oh and don’t blow…)

*new eating disorder de jour –> Diabulimia: where diabetic girls skip insulin to lose weight. the ingenious practice may lead to coma or early death

* Forbes releases the most expensive ways men compensate for their penis’ (also known as a list of the most expensive cars in the U.S.)

*another Gainesville bar bids adieu (at least for a month…) – Shamrock closes to reopen downtown as Brophy’s Irish Pub and a new bar will open in its old location

* ever wonder if one of your neighbors has genital warts (or, for more practical applications, the flu)? uses google-maps technology to allow people to post their illnesses (relax, it’s anonymous!) and also to check out who is infected in their area

* my friends and i honestly thought of this idea awhile ago…man, we missed our chance! beer-sicles. brazillant or berserk?

*an idea i certainly did not think of: making an internal ‘pussy’ cast…yup, display a plaster of your vagina on your mantle. the sites pitch: “in the plaster casts you get a real sense of the shape, texture and volume of the vagina and in clear resin you can see even more. imagine a view through the inner and outer lips right deep down into the hidden mysteries within.” well then…

*Newest aphrodisiac in South Korea – slime eels

* In other weird asian sex news – every April in Kanamara, Japan they have a Fertility Festival, where there is a parade for an enormous pink penis… observe:


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june is gay pride month can someone help William Fonvielle?

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