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i’m obsessed with condoms. i’m the girl who makes you go on late night trips to the Kangaroo. the friend who you come to at the bar b/c i carry half a dozen on me at any given time. the roommate who chastizes you for not using them. i freakin’ have a bowl of them on my kitchen table. and i think, for the most part, it’s a good thing.
that said, i completely understand people’s desire to not use them. it does just feel better without. but perhaps that’s because generic one-size-fits-all condoms don’t do just that, fit everyone’s needs. enter condomania!
stocked with 22 brands, categorized into 23 types, equipped with an actual ‘condom wizard’ who asks you questions like, which matters more – flavor, desensitizing or warming (among a handful of other characteristics) and outfitted with factoids (the largest condom available on the market is the Durez XXL which measure 9.25 inches with a width of 2.36 inches) this site has something for everyone. they also sell lube and toys too.
so now you have no excuse!


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your week in sex news for 6.11.07

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