people literally have to stop “talking ’bout my generation!”

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This week Fortune Magazine talks about my Generation, Generation Y (composed of those born b/w 1977-1995, b/c a 12 year old has a lot in common with a 30 year old…):” They’re ambitious, they’re demanding and they question everything.” We’re also “self-absorbed, gregarious, multitasking, loud, optimistic, pierced.” the Washington Post counters, “in April 1969, when the baby boomers were entering the job market, Fortune depicted them as spoiled and demanding.”
Being inquisitive about the preceding generation is natural, but, I’m slightly sick of it all.
We’re self-absorbed, demanding and gregarious b/c we were smothered as youths. We question things because we are more educated than any generation before us and were taught to be that way. And we’re loud so you can hear us over your mindless dribble that we’re going to cause the extinction of the world as we know it. The piercing i don’t get, tho i do have a few friends with piercings in rather interesting places and they tell me they do a nice job of enhancing, um, experiences…
Listen, i’m not without complaint about my Generation. But i can’t help but think it’s the one’s before us who have gotten us into Iraq, made us distrust corporate America (the exact people who tend to read Fortune) and have given us the material comfort to live our lives for us.
We’re simply doing what we’ve been taught – to stand up and take care of ourselves.


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