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Dating for Business Majors: Letters of Recommendation

i usually don’t like this site, but, i think this is a great idea! Potential new bfs or gfs should go through a screening process and why shouldn’t letters of recommendation be evaluated? it would save an inordinate amount of time, effort and eventual tears. in fact, people should have dating resumes as well.
i don’t want this to be a dating site at all, in fact, i am like kryptonite to relationships so i would advise you to stay away if you want one, but, i would gladly post your letter of recommendation here! or your resume, for that!
in fact here are some possible points of you may want to consider addressing:
* sexual aptitude and willingness/openness (and yes, that should always be #1 in my book…)
* intellect, humor or wit (not to be confused with grades or test scores…)
* personal expectations for the future (i.e., will you one day be banking?)
* kindness (saved any kitties lately?…not to be confused with pussies…i know how your mind works!)
* willingness to lie on occasion: woman – do i look fat? man – if you weighed any less you’d be Nicole Richie!
* a rough idea of your appearance, cleanliness (are you a Brad Pitt or a Pitt-stained shirt kinda Brad?)
Start applying and good luck! haha


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people literally have to stop “talking ’bout my generation!” i love me some porn, but…

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